Checklist of Things to Do After You Reach a New State

So you’re moving outside the state. Great! But how much are you prepared for it? While moving outside the state is exciting, it is also a pretty big deal. As you land in a new state, a lot of things are lined up to do.  

It is crucial you know what to do first and then the next. Knowing what to do and how to proceed is half the battle. 

For god sake, do you have a checklist of things to do after you reach a new state?

Fortunately, ‘YES’ is our answer. 

We have got an epic checklist of things to do after you reach a new state. 

Our checklist speaks about everything you need to consider after you reach a new state. Remember that you can start a few things even before you leave the current state

We are confident that our checklist of things to do after you reach a new state will make you comfortably settle down, starting a new life with a happy note.

Here we go.

Find a new job

A major reason for relocations is the job. Most people move states in search of a better career and often companies move people cross country to work from offices at different locations. If your company is moving you, searching for a job is not a concern as you’ve got one with you. But if you are moving on your own, job hunting is a big concern. Though you need to start looking for one even before you move to a new state, most of us are not lucky to have jobs lined up to pick as you land down at the new state. 

The job hunt usually begins with in-depth research of the professional areas you’re interested in and qualified for. Use different sources including job sites, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor to grab one. When you’ve friends and acquaintances in the new city, the task can be slightly easier as you’ve got people to pull some strings. 

Find a new family physician

As you are now in a new city, it is time to find a good family physician, especially when you have a family. A highly skilled doctor or quality specialist should replace your old physician as visiting back the state is not always possible. Search for good doctors through friends, co-workers, or the internet. Fortunately, you have collected all important medical documents and cards from the old physician while moving and you can submit them to the new one during the visit.

Set up security and other utilities

Moving to a new home without power, water, gas, and garbage disposal is a nightmare and you need to make provisions for the services as early as possible. Consult the utility providers in the neighborhood to have the facilities ready at home. You can even approach the providers before leaving the old house to ensure all utilities are set up even before you arrive at the new home. The meetings and payments can be done using technology. 

Set up the TV and internet

While this may not seem highly important, you might require this especially when you have kids at home. Always remember to set up an appointment with your cable or satellite provider to get your TV and internet set up as soon as possible. The internet is no longer a source of entertainment but it is crucial for professional purposes especially when you work from home or need to take important meetings or sessions in the early morning or late evening hours. 

Get a telephone connection ready

After you reach a new state, you will most likely have to change your provider, or at least your number. Research about the network providers in the area to find the best service provider. If your existing network provider is present in the new state, you just need to change the number and that will be possible by calling up the customer service.

Register the school or daycare center

When you’re moving to a new state, admitting your child to a school needs to be a vital point in the checklist of things to do after reaching the new state. Maybe you’d have researched schools and daycare centers and might have chosen one. All you need is to do the basic formalities like submitting the documents. However, if the busy schedule has stopped you from selecting a school, this is the time. Research about the schools in the neighborhood and see their performance in both academics and non-academics. If you are moving with a job, you may need daycare and you must find a suitable one. 

Create a network

After you reach a new city, it is crucial to have a network of friends as you are away from the near ones and might feel lonely. Get involved at the workplace or interact with neighbors. Plan fun outings together, join a gym or take up a hobby at the local community center.

Change the address

One of the foremost things to do after reaching the new city is to update your address in all documents. This is important to receive all emails. You also need to change the address at different online shopping sites to receive products or services delivered. 

Transfer the driving license

You need to transfer the driver’s license to the new state as you move. This is important along with registering the car. You need to understand the laws related to transferring the driving license varies from state to state. And you must learn the rules before starting the process. However, the common documents you need to submit include:

  • Current out-of-state driver’s license
  • Another form of identification
  • Proof of your Social Security number
  • Proof of your new residence with your new address
  • Payment for a new driver’s license

If you are below 18 and are moving to another state, you may need additional documents for the transfer of license. Some states require young drivers to complete their specific state’s driver education courses before obtaining a learning permit or acquiring a driver’s license.

Here is the checklist to move to another state

When you’ve got an expired license and would need to transfer it, unfortunately, you have got headaches lined up. You may need to apply for a brand new license, which often involves starting from scratch with a written exam, vision exam, and driving test.

To transfer the motor driving license, you would need to visit the DMV office in person. For different states, the deadline to transfer the license is different. And if you try, you could get it done in a week after reaching the new home. 

Register the car in the new state

Registering a car in a new state is another major factor you cannot miss while moving to a new state. Before you register a car, you would need to present proof of insurance. Though your car insurance is valid across states, you need to buy coverage from the state you’ve moved to register your vehicle. This means you need car insurance to register the vehicle in a new state. 

Moving Car to Another State Checklist

In addition to insurance, you also need to have a title in your name and pass an emissions check and a vehicle safety inspection to register the car. 

Change the voter registration

After you reach a new state, the most important thing is to be a voter of the state. This is one of the crucial points to add to the checklist of things to do after moving to a new state. 

You become a voter after you formally register as a resident of the state. As per the law, you are not permitted to vote at two places and you need to deregister your name from the previous state’s voting list. Voter registration is tricky as you won’t know how soon you should do it. In most states, voter registration deadlines vary from two to four weeks before an election. To be on the safer side, check the election dates and deadlines in your state. 

You can register online to be a voter but unfortunately, only 37 states allow you to do it. The most common way to register to vote is to register in person at state and local election offices. It is also possible to register via mail by filling out the National Mail Voter Registration Form and mailing it to your state and local election office.

  • Secure the new home

While you make a checklist of things to do after moving to a new state, you should not miss out on the home security part. As you reach the new home, get a new security system installed at home. The ‘low crime rate’ in a few cities does not mean ‘no crime’ and it is always good to be careful about protecting the family and belongings. Most homes now have modern security systems that are ‘smart’ and can remotely control lights, entertainment systems, and home locks. If your home security is not smart enough, you need to update it. 

While you update the home security, you need to take care of the following things.

  • Change the locks on all outside doors so that only you and your family have access to your living space.
  • Check if all doors and windows close securely and cannot be opened from the outside. 
  • Install a burglar alarm as a precautionary measure if the neighborhood has a high crime rate.

Protect the house from fire

Safeguarding the home from fire needs to be a priority. You need to have a fire extinguisher in working condition at home that can be easily operated in case of an emergency. The home should also have smoke detectors in every room. Have an escape route in case of an emergency and ensure every home member knows it. You should know where the electrical panel and the shutoff water valves are located in case of an emergency. 

Childproof the home

If you’ve moved to a new home with a toddler or a baby, making the home childproof needs to be a major priority. As kids tend to touch everything around them, try to secure all furniture pieces, sharp corners, sockets, mount window guards, etc. In addition, the stairs, the kitchen, and the living room are spots where things could go wrong for your kids.

Help your pets adjust

While moving with pets, it is normal for them to pick up anxiety and it is important to keep them consoled and stress-free. Make sure all their needs are properly met and try spending more time with them. Here is a great tip for you – make the move appear like a big game for them. You’ll be surprised to see how fast they get accustomed to the new place. 

  • Call up the neighbors for a coffee

The best way to get acquainted with the surroundings is to make friends with neighbors. There is nothing better than a coffee to start a good friendship. Invite the neighbors for an afternoon tea or coffee and see how much it changes your perception of the neighborhood. 

Recycle the packing materials and rearrange the home decor

Once you unpack the household belongings, you may not need the packing materials including the cardboard cartons any longer and can give them to someone who requires them. Some of the cartons might be in damaged condition and as they may not be fit to give someone, you can recycle them to save nature. This is also the time to rearrange the home decor as per your choice. The restructuring of home decor need not always be a pricey affair but can be done as per the budget. 
We hope the checklist for things to do after you reach the new state will be beneficial for you. After your reach, the new home, start working as discussed in our handy checklist and see how easier your job has become.

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